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If you have favorite authors on Hive and want to upvote their posts every time, you can now set up a match bot to do so automatically.

Step 1: Open Rewards > Match bots > Authors


Step 2: Authorize the match bot to make upvotes on your behalf. Please note that this operation requires an Active key.

Step3: Create a rule for each author you would like to upvote every time they submit a post on the Hive blockchain.


a) Find the author, whose posts you want to upvote automatically;
b) Specify the value of your vote (1%-100%);
c) Set the minimum vote mana - votes will only be cast if the voting power is above the specified threshold;
d) Specify the expiration date for this rule. If no date is provided, this rule will remain active until it is manually deactivated.


The Authors match bot only issues votes with an estimated value of 0.01 HBD or greater.

Curators match bot

Users can now follow trusted curators and automatically upvote (or downvote) posts (and comments) in the same way.


a) Find a trusted curator to follow;
b) Set the voting ratio (1%-1,000%) with 100% for the exact match of curator's votes. Please note that Curators bot only casts upvotes with an estimated value of 0.01 HBD or greater.
c) Check this box if you also want to match the curator's downvotes;
d) Check this box if you want to match curator's votes on comments;
e) Specify the threshold for the voting mana - votes will only be cast if the vote power is above the selected threshold;
f) Set the expiration date for this rule. If no date is provided, this rule will remain active until it is manually disabled.
g) Add some notes.


Task 2197

Other updates:

  1. Editor/ Videos - allow Bitchute and Rumble videos in posts 2164
  2. Objects / Nearby - add nearby section for objects with GPS coordinates 2577
  3. Posts / Muted - do not show re-blogged posts by muted authors 2634

Minor updates & fixes:

Tasks: 2168, 2692, 2250, 2666, 2715, 2735, 2763, 2805, 2813, 2814, 2816, 2817, 2834, 2835, 2837,2838, 2844, 2846,2847.
Waivio is an open source project. Further information about tasks and the development progress can be found on the GitHub: https://github.com/Waiviogit/waivio/issues


GitHub - https://github.com/Waiviogit/waivio
Discord - https://discord.gg/yBD7tRHe
Twitter - https://twitter.com/waiviolab
Hive - https://www.waivio.com/@waivio

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