Waivio Chrome Extension Update: Google Maps and OpenStreetMap Integration

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Waivio's Chrome Extension (v 1.4.0) now integrates directly with Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, enabling users to upload information about businesses, restaurants, and cafes onto the Hive blockchain. This enhancement streamlines how users discover, share, and engage with their favorite places.

Upload from Mapping Services in One Click:


Add listings from Google Maps and OpenStreetMap to Waivio effortlessly with a single click through the Chrome Extension.

Integration with User Profiles:


Businesses uploaded can be favorited on Waivio profiles, creating a personalized catalog of preferred spots.

Community Engagement:


By referencing your favorite businesses in your Hive posts, your stories and insights gain a special place on their pages, bringing your content to the forefront. This not only elevates your experiences but also positions you as an expert for these places.

Getting Started:

To import information from Google Maps, obtaining an API code is necessary. It is straightforward to acquire and free for small volumes.

Make sure to update to the latest version of the Waivio Chrome Extension to access these new features.

Spotlight Your Favorites:

Discovered a restaurant that captivated your senses? With Waivio, you can now spotlight these cherished experiences in your profile, turning your personal favorites into hints for the community. Your story could be the key to unlocking someone else's next great adventure.

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