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Hello foodies!

If you ever happen to visit this area where I live, you MUST eat here! It's a must! Ofc, if you are a pizza or pasta lover. They serve salads too, so it's good for almost everybody!

Let me tell you about this place! First of all, the food is magical! I've never been to Italy (not just yet 馃榿) but this pizza is not like any I've eaten in my life. Pasta? 馃崫 Just wait for it! You'll die instantly! Just writting this down, I want to go again. But I'll wait until Sunday 馃槖

We've discovered this place only in winter, a couple of months ago but since then, we are their always customers. Apparently, this pizza place is owned by an Italian guy who felt in love with a Romanian girl and they decided to open a restaurant here in Arad, Romania. (They have another one, in Timisoara Romania).

Their pizza is authentic (I guess). Recently we've been there with a friend who was in Italy and he said its almost like that one. I don't usually write reviews but this is something else. It's worth mentioning cause we dont have good restaurants in town...

The owner, also the Chef, was following courses to the Italian Pizza Chef Academy or something like that. He was an engineer before, from what I've read. But he liked Romania so much that he decided to move here (also for his wife ofc) and open a pizzeria.

AND they are the first restaurant (that I know) to have a play room in the restaurant. WAIT. WHAT??? Yes, they have it and it's amazing!

Let's start with some photos of the restaurant itself and then we'll move up to some more food photos.

The place has a terrace for the summer (I dont have photos of that because we always chose to stay inside because we want to be close to the playroom).

Inside, they have around 10 tables or so, but that is adjustable as I've seen.

The place where kids play is very big and its somehow separate by the area where you actually eat but still, you can see your kid in there. See the pictures below to understand what I mean.

The atmosphere is also nice. You'll find Italian music and a shelf disposing Italian foods (pasta, flour, pesto, olive oil) and wines. The stuff is always responsive, always kind and ready to help the best they can.

If this wasnt already enough,they also have a place like a nursery room, a cool place, confortable and quiet where you can actually breastfeed or change your baby. I dont know if this is a thing somewhere else, in your country or so, but in ROMANIA?? I've never seen a place dedicated to moms and their little babies.

The toilets are clean, they have one for little kids as well, plus two small sinks. That is sooo cute!
And they have for ladies a basket with some basic things you may need like a hair spray, pads, hand creme or ointment. So nice of them!

And now the food part. I only took a few photos over the time, but I've eaten so many! So yeah, please please if you are in Arad, look for this Italian Pizza place called Il Classico.

Prices range between 6-10$ American Dollars.

They have around 30 Pizzas? Yeah, something like that.

Il Classico Arad

This is Pizza Regina - tomato sauce, mozzarela, basil, parmigiano.

This is Pizza Quattro Stagioni.
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, artichoke, mushrooms, salsiccia).

My favorite is Quattro Formaggi!

(tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola DOP, parmigiano reggiano DOP, pecorino romano DOP, mozzarella di bufala DOP)

And the PASTA! To die for! They only serve it on Thursday and Sunday, days they call Pasta Day.
An avarage price for pasta would be 7-8 dollars. Not much at all!

And now introducing the star of the show!.....

May favorite was "Il Classico" Pasta.

(durum wheat pasta, extravirgin olive oil, guanciale, black pepper, mint, pecorino romano DOP, lemon)

And this is Spaghetti Carbonara, favorites of the husband haha.

I'll upload some more photos, as you can see there are different pizzas, but I dont remember their name. Still I know that my favorites are Quattro Formaggi, Pizza Salami and one more that has lemon peel on top).

The drinks are good, we always buy honey lemonade (with berries, mint or classic), frappe, latte or cappuccino. And sometimes Pepsi LOL

Ok guys! 馃槏

I hope you're now drooling on your keyboard, phone or laptop. If not, this post was not enough! haha.

Now seriously, I really enjoy this place. It's the best we have here, though there is another Italian Restaurant (other time I'll write about it). But Pizza and Pasta here are.....heavenly. Like I said, it's freakin' delicious and 100% Italian.

Stay safe, eat healthy (have some Pizza or Pasta meanwhile) and see you in my next blog!


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