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Name of the Domain that is for sale:

The domain name

Where can you purchase it?


Why invest in domain names?

Just like choice real estate property, premium domain names are digital real estate that appreciate substantially in value over time. How much it appreciates in value depends on many factors.

Among the factors that contribute to appreciation in value are:

a) The number of characters in the domain, the shorter the better.
b) The age of the domain, the older the better.
c) The industry the domain caters to. Popular industry domain names such as investment, insurance, crypto, travel demand higher prices.
d) The keywords it contains. Some keywords demand higher prices than others.
e) Whether the name is brandable and/or trademarkable.
f) Whether the domain name is memorable, catchy etc.

Why buy this domain name?

This is one of the new ccTLDs which is growing in popularity day by day and are increasingly being adopted by the academia in place of the traditionally popular .com, .net and .org domains.

Robotics.Ac is a domain name with only 8 characters. In domain business the short domain names are in higher demand and fetches far more in sales value than the long-form. Moreover, the words, "Robotics" and "Academia" for .ac are both highly sought after keywords.

This domain is 8+ years old.

Robotics.Ac is a self-explanatory, catchy and easy to remember name.

Can I pay using crypto?

Yes. Epic accepts cryptocurrencies.

If you wish to pay with cryptocurrencies at HiveList Store, let me know. I will list it there for sale upon your request.

Robotics Market Overview

New York, US, April 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Market Overview:

According to a comprehensive research report by Market Research Future (MRFR), “Robotics Market information by Type, by Mobility, by End User and Region – forecast to 2030” market size to reach USD 214.68 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 22.8% by 2030.
Market Scope:

The increasing adoption of robots in different industries will offer robust opportunities for the market over the forecast period. Previously, robots were only used in the automotive & manufacturing industries. Industries such as defence & security, healthcare, aerospace, food & beverage, education, home, and electronics are utilizing robots technology to improve their efficiency due to the availability of customized solutions. Furthermore, an increase in demand for tele-surgery and care for the elderly and disabled in the healthcare sector has bolstered robot sales. Robotics are being rapidly implemented in the defence and security sectors for bomb dispersal, monitoring, and mine detection.

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Robotics Market Size

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