Looking for quick reviews of Cazba Restaurant (Downtown Vancouver)

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daviedining3.914 years agoWaivio2 min read

Davie Dining Gifts Ltd. offers rewards for quick reviews of dishes at the Cazba Restaurant.
Just take a couple of pictures of the dish and say a few words about it: Did you like the presentation, the taste? Was it worth the money?
Now that we are in the middle of the quarantine, photos of pickup and delivery orders are accepted.


Cazba Restaurant

The list of eligible dishes is dynamic, and it is better to reserve the reward before writing a review.
The rewards are paid in HIVE, which can be easily converted into other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or simply cashed out with any Bitcoin ATM.
The value of the rewards is displayed in USD based on the current exchange rates. At the time of reservation, the rewards will be fixed in HIVE for a few days, as indicated in the invitation.



For an updated list of dishes and associated rewards, please visit the Cazba Restaurant Rewards page.

Hive is a popular decentralized social network with its own HIVE currency which you can earn by posting quality content on Hive blockchain. The amount of author rewards will be determined by the number and value of upvotes received in the first 7 days. If you have many followers, you can receive substantial rewards for your posts. Votes received after the initial 7 days will no longer influence the payout. These author rewards can be earned in addition to the announced rewards for writing dish reviews for the Cazba Restaurant. You can also check out the rewards offered for reviewing dishes at other restaurants in the Vancouver area.


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