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Have you ever browsed through endless reviews, seeking the perfect combination of products?

Whether it's the right fashion statement, the ideal makeup routine, or the essentials for a hiking journey, we've all dedicated hours in pursuit of that ideal combination. When you've finally found and validated these choices, how do you share your expertise with friends and the wider world?


Whether it's mastering kitchen organization, decorating a room, nurturing a lush garden, or discovering wellness hacks, we all have valuable insights to share.

Consider this: how much of what you know, your experience and expertise could be a goldmine for someone else?

But how, you might wonder, can you showcase all that you've learned and discovered?

Social Shopping

Introducing Waivio: A dynamic platform where curating and showcasing your top shopping is not only effortless but also rewarding.

Picture this: you come across a product you like, mark it with a “heart”, and it's added to your profile shop – much like creating a shopping wishlist.wishlist.

With Waivio, monetizing your passion is a breeze. Simply enter your affiliate codes into your profile settings once, and Waivio will automatically update the 'buy' button links for every product in your shop, even those in your posts and comments. Also, to ensure maximum relevancy, Waivio adjusts affiliate links based on the location of each visitor to your shop.

Dedicated Social.Gifts Website

If you believe your expertise deserves a broader audience, consider elevating your shop and launching a dedicated Social.Gifts website.

It provides an outstanding user experience, can be adapted to your unique branding, and comes with a wide range of features: from captivating product catalogs and custom newsfeeds to efficient product searches and seamless integration of forms, calendars, and various widgets.

For website owners, revenue opportunities go beyond affiliate earnings. They also include advertising revenue and commissions from both author and sponsored rewards gathered by website users.

Decentralization and Web 3.0

In the Web 2.0 era, every online shop functions like an isolated island. With each one building its own user database, creating its own product knowledge base, and collecting product reviews from ground zero. This siloed approach results in redundant efforts, as data remains trapped within the confines of each project.

In Web 3.0, content isn't merely published on an open, decentralized blockchain—it's liberated!

Imagine a product manufacturer publishing detailed information about their items on the Hive open blockchain. Any shop wishing to feature these products can simply mark them with a "heart" . What's more, when the manufacturer updates their products, these changes are effortlessly reflected across all the shops.

Managing large collections of third-party products becomes so simple!

That's not all! Hive operates as a social blockchain. So, when users mention products in their posts, these reviews are instantly visible across all the shops that showcase the same product.

The Paradigm Shift

For the first time, small independent shops can collaborate seamlessly. In the Web 3.0 landscape, shops tap into the entire Hive community, gaining access to the complete product knowledge base, as well as all product reviews and related content.

Users from one shop can engage with those from other shops, all within the same digital space!

Imagine launching a new shop that's more than just a static brochure—it thrives with a vibrant community passionate about the subject. Now, your website's first visitors can immediately immerse themselves in this community, make new connections, and engage in active discussions. Additionally, your users gain access to sponsored rewards from various merchants and can claim them by sharing product photos.

In a way, social shopping mirrors open-source software development, where sharing code significantly accelerates the growth of the entire ecosystem.

Similarly, when a website is launched using an open, social, continuously expanding database with product and social data- its success in attracting new users, broadening product collections, offering new sponsored rewards, and spurring more social interactions immediately benefits other projects.

Indeed, one of the primary success strategies in this open environment is to encourage more people to launch shops similar or even identical to yours. Their success directly translates into your success.

In traditional e-commerce, small retailers often find themselves overshadowed by major e-commerce giants such as Amazon. However, with the advent of Web 3.0, these smaller players now have the opportunity to leverage open social networks, pooling their resources to achieve economies of scale that were previously unattainable for standalone shops.

This unique advantage of social shopping on Hive highlights the power of collaboration in the Web 3 era. The shared knowledge becomes a catalyst for collective success, creating a more integrated, efficient, and user-centric e-commerce experience.

Social shopping on Hive opens up a world of possibilities, showcasing the revolutionary potential of Web 3.0


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