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cryptodive371.127 months agoWaivio

I use microphone Shure MV7 Black and love it!

Hey there, If you are wondering what microphone to buy for your video or podcast needs. I would recommmend the Shure MV7. I’ve been using it for over two years now and, honestly, it's been amazing. It has great sound isolation? It’s fantastic at removing small noises at the background, picking up only your voice. If you saw my videos, all of them are recorded with this microphone. I use extra equaliser and settings to make the sound better, but even without them, the sound is impressive.

Here is some specs about Shure MV7:

- Unidirectional cardioid polar pattern

- Dual USB/XLR output

- Headphone output

- Touch panel control to adjust volume and/or mute

One thing though, It is very sensitive, so I recommend using a pop filter with the microphone. The filter helps with de-breath and reduces popping sounds.

This is my honest opinion :)

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