How to Add a Restaurant on HIVE (with WAIVIO)


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Waivio makes it possible to add listings, including businesses, products, destinations and more to HIVE.
Here is a quick video tutorial on how to add a restaurant to HIVE using

Steps Overview:

  1. Verify if the Restaurant is Already Listed
  2. Create a New Restaurant Listing
  3. Add Details to the Restaurant's Listing
  4. Write a Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  5. Learn more about Waivio & follow my channel 😉

1. Verify if the Restaurant is Already Listed
Before adding a restaurant, simply enter the name of the restaurant in the search bar on Waivio to check whether it already exists on HIVE. If no search results appear for this restaurant you can create a new listing.

2. Create a New Restaurant Listing

Once you have confirmed that the listing does not exist, create a new one: write post > restaurant > write the name of the restaurant > confirm.

It may take a few moments for the blockchain to be updated and for the new restaurant to appear in the search results.

Once the listing is created, the restaurant will have a unique URL associated with it that allows you to refer to it in your reviews and posts. The restaurant will also have its own page with restaurant's info that we will add next and with the relevant ratings (Ambience, Food, Service and Value) that are automatically added.

3. Add Details to the Restaurant's Listing

To add information to the listing, switch to the Editing mode:

In a series of steps, enter data for each relevant field accordingly:

Good service for Map Coordinates lookup -
In case of a mistake, go to Updates, locate the entry, and select Reject:

Adding new information and making changes to a blockchain can take a few moments. To see what the listing looks like, simply reload the page (it will automatically switch from Edit mode to View mode).

4. Write a Review

After you finish adding all the details about the restaurant, you can write the first review and give your ratings to the restaurant.

All reviews will be automatically collected under the Review tab of the listing.
This is how the community's knowledge and experience can now be accumulated on the HIVE social blockchain!

If you like what Waivio does and if you think it is beneficial to the HIVE ecosystem, please support Waivio.

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