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Introduction to The Art of Peace and Love podcast - Practical Holistic ways to Rise in Love and Peace

Join Atma Love & a variety of guests as we discuss practical, effective and uplifting ways to artfully co-create a more peaceful and loving "Dream of Life".

What is this podcast about?

Some topics we will talk about which can have positive influence on our health, wealth and sense of well being include:

  • Holistic Healing - natural medicine and detox techniques for our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

  • Holistic Education - guiding our children, grandchildren and indeed ourselves, in ways aligned with ultimate truth.

  • Growing Organic Food - Why & How

  • Nutrition - to energise mind, body & soul.

  • Holistic Community Governance - learn about a People Powered equitable system of community governance with it's anonymous concentrated consensus & voting mechanism to help bring Abundance, Peace and Lobe to all sentient beings.

  • Spirituality & Emotional Integration - Who or what am I?, What is my purpose?, Why am i here?, and other such profound questions.

  • Meditation - theory and practice discussion plus live-stream meditations.

  • Yoga - join live-stream kundalini yoga classes facilitated by Atma, with guided video instruction by Jai Dev Singh

  • Crypto Currency - basics of what you need to know and where to look to find out more..

  • Best Practices for Online Privacy & Security

  • Practical Ways to reduce Violence with our Online choices

Episode 1. Introduction

In Episode 1, recorded on 6th June 2023, i hadn't decided on a name for the podcast, nor had i prepared a plan and wasn't even sure if i would publish it, so it was ad-lib and can be seen as the Beta / Origin show.

Click Here to listen to Episode 1. i hope you enjoy it.

Having now listened to it twice and heard myself go off on too many tangents, for too long (particularly about The Matrix-8 Solution during the last 10 minutes or so), it's clear to me now that i need to plan first what i intend to talk about, and stay on track.

Having said that, i do like being free to flow & talk about what comes to mind in the moment. So i'll hopefully strike a happy compromise in future shows.

i think i will record and publish weekly episodes, perhaps with some additional live-stream video yoga practices and meditations.

What's Next?

In Episode 2 i plan to give more of an overview of The Art of Peace and Love from my point of view, and what we can each individually do to consciously paint our picture in each day on our journey through this Dream of Life.

What would you like to hear about?

If you have something in particular you would like me to talk about, feel free to propose that in a comment below.


i invite guests to join me on the show, and so far @kencode of #CastGarden & @chrisrice of #DBuzz fame have expressed interest to join me.

If you would like to join as a guest yourself, please drop a comment below, ask questions, tell me why you would like to join.

Also, feel free to propose someone else as guest on the show, especially if you have a connection with them (here on Hive or elsewhere) so you can personally invite them.

Peace & Love


Ps. To see more of my posts you can follow my blog here on Ecency & Hive.

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