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What is Hive-Tube?

Hive-Tube is a free plugin for any peertube streaming media server (also free). It syndicates your videos (or podcasts) out to thousands of Hive, RSS, and Fediverse subscribers and syndicates.

Are you a Podcaster or like listening to podcasts?
Check out 馃尰 Cast.Garden 馃尰

Do you like alternative news?
Check out

Are you an animator, or just like watching cartoons?
Check out

With hundreds of website owners installing the free Hive-Tube plugin, you'll never have to worry about your income again. Never give anyone your KYC info again. You'll never get your account banned. Your content can be consumed on hundreds of websites and apps, even outside of Hive. Your streams (and livestreams) go out P2P, in 4K with 320K audio. You get crazy awesome syndication and that's what #Web3 is all about.

No other streaming platform in the world offers you that level of service.

Got questions? Join us on matrix: or email: [email protected]

No more Walled Gardens! 馃挭


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