Leave It (Burmese Popular Song) And Rising Star Game Progress


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Sometimes in life, we encounter someone who cares deeply for us. Yet, we fail to reciprocate their kindness, feeling unworthy of their love. In such moments, we may find ourselves saying, "Leave me and pursue your own happiness."

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These lyrics capture the sentiment expressed in the song "Leave It," performed by the late renowned singer, Raymond.

Leave It - Raymond


I'm a person with no clear path ahead,
A bird with broken wings.
I feel worthless,
Not deserving of your affection.
You shine like the morning light,
A masterpiece in motion,
But I'm stuck in the shadows,
Reconsider, my love.

Perhaps I've been mistaken,
Why hold on to me?
You can turn away before it's too late,
I'm still alone, as always.

Just walk away with a clear conscience,
If not, our paths may cross again.
Life isn't easy, and though happiness eludes me,
I'll stand tall and face the truth.
I'm still picking up the pieces,
Hoping we'll meet again,
But for now, it's best to let go,
Just leave it all behind.

What we believed was misguided,
Just a way to pass the time.
Am I the one who shattered it all?
Is it fair to blame fate?
Your tears, a consequence of my actions,
Let go of the pain I've caused,
Each memory only brings more hurt,
Every recollection a dagger to my heart.

Game Progress Update


Greetings, fellow gamers! @myanmarkoko here with the latest updates from the captivating realm of Rising Star. Currently at level 133 with 641XP points, I find myself immersed in the dynamic in-game universe while reminiscing about the nostalgic charm of my hometown.

Exciting news: you now have the chance to win 25 million Starbits! Learn more in the post below:

Rising Star Re-Design: Calling All Creatives

A Glimpse into My Profile:

  • Main Profile: 25 Dalilah
  • Members: R407 Malai, The Ego, 13 Busker, 87 Donna, and 150 Wolfie

Today, I had the pleasure of acquiring a Crafted card.


Browse the images below, showcasing completed missions and my current rank in the Rising Star Game.



I am busy in these day. So I can not try to level up. I will come back as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for the upcoming chapters in my Rising Star adventure as I strive for more XP points and aim for level 150. To my fellow gamers, let's keep the rhythm alive!


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