Logitech G935 and G432 Headset Review: Unveiling Logitech's Latest Audio Capabilities

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Logitech G432 DTS:X 7.1 Surround Sound Wired PC Gaming Headset (Leatherette)

In a video review by the TechTesters channel, an examination of the Logitech G935 and G432 headsets is conducted. With the G935 being the successor of the popular G933, which Logitech touts as their ultimate sounding headset, and the G432 as the successor of the wired G430, six years its senior, the video aims to uncover the upgrades and features of these new models.


The TechTesters presenter, known for their expertise in tech reviews, begins with the G935. While the design remains nearly identical to its predecessor, the G933, the only noticeable change is the switch from textile pads to faux leather pads. Despite its bulkiness and weight, the G935 retains its durability and comfort. The headset provides a good fit for all head sizes, with large, soft, and comfortable pads. Notably, the G935 offers an array of buttons for various functionalities, including light settings, sound modes, and connections, adding to its programmatic versatility. Plus, the headset comes with a 3.5mm cable for mobile user consoles, as well as a USB cable for charging.

Where the G935 truly shines is in its audio quality. With powerful drivers and incredible bass, it outperforms competitors like the HyperX Cloud Flight and SteelSeries Arctis 7, particularly in terms of clarity in the mid and high tones. The video highlights the G935 as one of the most impressive gaming headsets under 200 euros when it comes to overall sound quality. Additionally, Logitech's software allows users to customize the sound profile and sync the RGB lighting with other Logitech gear. However, it's advised to disable the RGB lighting feature to preserve the already short battery life. As for the microphone, while it serves its purpose for gaming, there is room for improvement in terms of recording quality.

Moving on to the G432, in comparison to the G935, it feels lighter but still maintains durability with its flexible build and plastic construction. The headset offers adjustable sizes and faux leather ear cuffs for comfort, fitting both small heads and larger individuals equally well. Sound-wise, the G432 provides good bass and stereo performance, which is crucial for competitive multiplayer gaming. However, it falls short when compared to the G935 in terms of punch and clarity. Despite this, it holds its own in its price class and competes well with other affordable options on the market. The TechTesters presenter mentions that the Cooler Master MH751 is currently their favorite affordable headset, but believes that the G432 edges ahead with its slightly stronger bass.

In conclusion, with the Logitech G935 and G432 headsets, Logitech offers consumers a range of options to suit their audio needs. While the G935 impresses with its exceptional sound quality and versatile features, the G432 performs well in its price range, making it a viable contender among the multitude of available headsets. As the TechTesters channel reiterates throughout the video, the choice ultimately depends on personal preferences and individual requirements.

Attribution: TechTesters channel (https://www.youtube.com/@TechTesters)

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